About six months ago, I reached out to several writing experts, because one thing I’ve learned from my entrepreneurship journey, is to reach out to the experts for help! I wish I would have known this years ago!!
After meeting with many wonderful people … I got stuck.
I had a serious dilemma of excusitus. I kept getting in my own way. Six months passed and I had taken no intentional action. As I thought back on the writing experts I met with, Doug Crowe stood out to me. Not only was he patiently persistent, he checked in but didn’t pressure, and he pushed me out of my comfort zone and a very encouraging way.
So, I scheduled a second meeting with Doug and I almost canceled it because of my own negative self-talk … but my desire was so strong that I went for it anyways… and I am So Thankful I Did! He continues to reassure me that it’s okay that we don’t have everything perfect, let’s keep moving forward.
“Don’t dwell on that right now…
“Don’t worry about it…
Thank you for patiently believing in me, Doug!
➸ Let Us Know … Who Patiently Believes in You?!
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13