Lila Smith

Creator and Speaker, #SayThingsBetter

She is a communication breakthrough coach. messaging consultant , and certified YouMap® Coach.

She trains people to #SayThingsBetter (and listen better, too) using my 5-step theater-based method of Intentional Communication.


Jake Melton

Web Designer, Speaker, Author, and Minimalist

Jake Melton is founder of Jake Melton, LLC. He is a speaker, author, website designer, and minimalist.

He helps businesses design websites, programs, and development plans that help improve the employee, customer, and user experiences.


Tabitha Cavanagh

VP Talent Strategy, SomethingNew, LLC

Her goal is to significantly impact employee’s lives and the organizations they partner with by discovering mutually beneficial opportunities.


Kristin Sherry

Author, Speaker, and Creator of YouMap®

Kristin Sherry is author of bestseller YouMap & Your Team LOVES Mondays (…Right?) Releasing Feb 20 . She is also the YouMap® Profile Creator.

She certifies coaches, consultants and HR professionals as YouMap® coaches and facilitators to help people find their pillars of career fit.


Davin Salvagno

President & Founder of PurposePoint, and the Co-Founder of the Purpose Summit

Having spent nearly two decades serving in various leadership roles in finance, HR, operations, and marketing with Fortune 100 companies, Davin brings real life insights and expertise to the platform. He has a contagious passion for leadership development, personal and professional development, and community growth.


Shelly Steffler

Owner, Mundo Social Media

Shelly has 5 years of experience in communications and digital marketing, managing ads and communities, creating engaging content and emails, and building websites and funnels.

She has worked with clients across dozens of industries, increasing Facebook engagement by 72% in 3 months and Pinterest views by 59000% in 6 weeks.


Judi Fox

#FoxRocks Business and Sales Coach, and Speaker

Judi helps business owners build their presence on LinkedIn via video content creation. She also created the LinkedIn Accelerator mastermind where she helps you grow your presence and brand via LinkedIn.


Brian Schulman

Founder of Voice Your Vibe

We help you maximize the impact of your messaging across all platforms and media, including your internal communications.

The tribe that works for you and the tribe you work for will be attracted to your vibe. Let us help you remember it and voice it.


Carol Campos

Life Coach and Creator and Co-Founder of The Divine Breadcrumb Podcast

She helps her clients clear old patterns and beliefs, connect to their intuition and heart’s intelligence, re-wire their minds and discover meaning and purpose.

Her podcast, The Divine Breadcrumb showcases amazing people shining their light around the world.


Rob Deptford

CEO of EQ4 Media, Video Creator, and On-Camera Speaker Coach

He helps his clients learn to use video to reach their audience and resonate – making connections, not commercials.

From strategy development to teaching effective message delivery and basic technical skills both in front of and behind the camera, Rob is changing the way online video marketing is done so it does a better job of building customer trust.